The Beginning

Taking my blog to the next level

Now that the blogging 101 course has reached an end I have started to think about the future of my blog. How am I going to keep it up or even continue to improve it without the supportive tasks, tips, and feedback from blogging 101? This course has been an amazing foundation for me, and I honestly would not have a clue how to begin my blog if it wasn’t for this, so I am extremely grateful. I have learnt so much in the last few weeks, whether it be through feedback from fellow bloggers, simply reading other writers work and getting to know different styles of writing, and most importantly the daily tasks. Although I found many of them challenging (proof of this is that I am still trying to complete them now even though the course is over), I appreciate them a great deal as I know for a fact that I would not have known how to go about writing my About page and thanks to this course it has been my most successful post to date.

Ending this course is a little like flying the nest. It is now time for me to take my own steps into this blogging world, so to get started I have decided to set myself my own tasks which will help to develop Amora Adventures, and so I figured that if I write them out here then I am more obliged to fulfil them since it is engraved for all to see, so here it goes:

Task 1: Unify my YouTube channel and my blog more closely together

I want the things I am most passionate about to be available on all of my platforms. So far on my blog I have only demonstrated my love for travelling, but one of the main reasons for how I manage to make it all possible is through my choice to studying languages. Therefore, I want to create a ‘Tips and Advice’ section, (once I work out how to do that) all to with language learning, travelling abroad, and even living abroad since that is what I am doing now. So when I do not have an adventure to write about expect some Amora advice heading your way.

Task 2: Amora’s Lesson of Adventure- ALOA (I kind of just made that up now)

For each adventure that I write about no matter how big or small I want to acknowledge something new that I have learnt and share it with my readers. As I am sure I have read somewhere that success is in the journey not the destination, and if someone has taken to time to read what I have to say I want them to be able to take away at least one thing from my posts, so keep your eyes peeled for my ALOA’s (hey it’s growing on me already)


Task 3: Set a posting deadline

This is going to be the trickiest task for me, as what I have found whilst on the blogging 101 course is that I struggle with consistency, but it is something I am willing to tackle and overcome in order to develop myself as well as my blog. One of my traits that will help me with this is that I do not like not completing things or giving up, so I am determined to keep going with this. So for now I am setting a goal which I know I can achieve and then as I progress I may change, no WILL change it so that I post more and more. With that I am going to start writing at least two posts a month which will be bi weekly.

It pleases me so much to know that readers are looking forward to following me on my journey, and without a doubt this motivates me even more to keep going. If I haven’t said this before thank you blogging 101 and my readers for giving me the skills, tools, and encouragement I need to take my blog to the next level.

Best of luck to all other bloggers on their incredible journeys!! 🙂

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